» 10 November 2004

3300 words. I am so far behind. Whatever shall I do?

Halo 2 day!

» 09 November 2004

Yep, today’s the day. I’m waiting until after Nano because if I have that distraction, there’s no hope I’ll finish. I’m going to end up buying quite a few games after Nano. It seems like this month is the official month of must have games.


» 09 November 2004

Your doom is mydoom. There’s a fun new IE specific virus out there, all you’ve gotta do is visit a URL to get it. Isn’t that nice. The links above lead to Symantec’s writeup, btw, not an evil page. Seeing that Firefox 1.0 was just released, wouldn’t today make a great day to upgrade to a Better Browser? Here’s a direct link to the Firefox installers, because their site is swamped. Upgrade today!

Passive Voice

» 07 November 2004

Help! I can’t escape the evils of passive voice! Woe is me! EDIT: 3133 Gasp, I’m still so far behind….


» 07 November 2004

Must catch up! I started behind and I’m not catching up! Must catch up! Word count it 2800…only about 8000 to go to be caught up.


» 05 November 2004

Well, I’ve finally started to get some writing done for Nanowrimo. I’m up to ~1800 words. Go me. I hope I can make up the time I lost for starting late over the weekend. I’m fairly pleased with how it is turning out so far. Nanowrimo really is a great idea.


» 04 November 2004

It was a bug in SQL Server’s query optimizer. I brought a second co-worker to look over the queries and he was able to find a workaround. (a complex one that slows the query down, but IT WORKS) EDIT: When I say slow, I mean slow. The query ran in about 5 seconds before, and now it is up to over 20 minutes. THIS IS NOT MAKING ME A HAPPY PROGRAMMER!


» 04 November 2004

Error converting data type varchar to numeric. YES I’M STILL FIGHTING THIS GODDAMN PROBLEM. I think I’m nearing my breaking point. I can feel the insanity. I’d like to have a chat with the SQL Server developer who wrote the code that produces this error message. Iit would only be a chat. No violence. REALLY.

Well it's over

» 03 November 2004

– Sen. John Kerry calls President Bush to concede presidential election, CNN has learned. Again, I hope that’s who you wanted. It wasn’t who I wanted, but I can’t have everything I want.

» 03 November 2004

I really think Gandalf the cat was the best candidate, and he didn’t even place in my state. That is very depressing. My hate of both candidates aside, I hope whomever you wanted to win did. If not, at least it is only for four years. It won’t be long before there’s another chance. I hope there’s a candidate I can believe in at that time, but without some major changes I don’t see how it’s possible. I’m still hopeful that these next four years will be better than the previous. $deity bless America!