» 02 November 2004

Remember to get out and vote today. I going to vote for my cat Gandalf for president. He is much more qualified than either of the leading losers, and is much softer and cuter. That should be good enough for you too, although I’m willing to accept that you’ll want to vote for your cat. So go out and vote. Elect your cat for president. Meow.


» 31 October 2004

Well, Molly just left for a Halloween party. Being the fun hating recluse that I am, I’m home listening to video game music. Later I’ll probably do some WORK. Woo! Wee! As she was leaving I said something or the other about today being Halloween. Well, as I’m sure everyone else who is reading this knows that’s tomorrow. Duh. Well, back to the music!

ack, the horror!

» 31 October 2004

Nobuo Uematsu Leaves Square Enix

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Lots o music

» 30 October 2004

I have OODLES of music. I mean oodles and oodles. I have so much assorted gaming, anime and movie music that sometimes I don’t listen to something for a really really long time.

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» 29 October 2004

I work at Raymond James. (you know, the place that bought the naming rights for the football stadium in Tampa) They really really really take Halloween seriously here.

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Zidane status/stats

» 27 October 2004

If you are curious, you can have a look at the stats for Zidane and the box’s current load and uptime at the page I finally took the time to update and get working again. Heh. Uptime is pretty embarrasing recently. I think Rocket was over 100 days when he finally went to the big rack in the sky, but his all time record was over 200 days. Until the end, Rocket was rock solid. Zidane averages about 25-30 days between hard-locks. Sigh.

bleep, bloop

» 25 October 2004

Fah. Mondays suck. Particularly when they are after a week long vacation. Egad is it hard to wake up at 0630 after shifting to some European timezone. It didn’t help much that the day has been crap overall. I had 1.2 billion emails waiting for me, and two meetings. Sigh. Did I mention I hate meetings? I think I did. If not, let me mention that I hate meetings.

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» 19 October 2004

I have quite a few regrets already in my fairly short life, most of which I’d not talk about in a “public” forum. One recent one was brought back to light this past Sunday afternoon.

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» 17 October 2004

I picked up two highly spiffy games today. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Both are highly excellent. Star Ocean features lots of excellent voice acting, and some amazing character animation, the likes of which I’ve not seen since Kingdom Hearts. It also has some excellent fully orchestrated music and a great start at a fairly predictable but interesting story. The translation seems to be top notch, and lacks the odd dialog elements that some of Square’s stuff has had in the past. Shin Megami clearly lacks the budget and flash of Star Ocean, but it makes up for that with style. It sports some very flashy cell shaded graphics, and a fairly unique soundtrack that has lots of electric guitar and pipe organ fun. No voice acting so far, but the story is highly unique which should make for a great play, and the translation is pretty good, but not perfect and not as polished as Star Ocean’s. Now I just have to figure out which to play through first. I really ought to limit myself to one game purchase at a time.


» 14 October 2004

I just got a cup of flavored coffee by mistake. I can’t throw it out as I hate wasting things. Oh, it’s so nasty. Woe is me.